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I Think You’d Be Into It is a weekly podcast that is as excited as you are about the world around you. Every week, hosts Brandon Beck and Beth Scorzato talk with a new guest about something they are passionate about, from politics to pop culture, baking to biology, sports to serial killers.

Oct 15, 2018

This week we're joined by Amanda Hootman (@misshootman) and Jessica J'amie (not on Twitter because she's better than I) but we are NOT joined by Brandon (oh please, you know). He got pulled into the dunk vortex and hasn't been seen since.

Anyway, let's talk about True Crime as an entertainment genre. Is it weird and messed up? Yes! Are we weird and messed up? Maybe??? Listen in and you tell us!


Have a problematic fave you wanna discuss? Holler at ch'boisandgoils at or @intoitpod on twitter.